Restoration Skills and Disciplines

Our workshop will undertake the following disciplines in house:

  1. Veneering
    We have an extensive collection of both saw and knife cut veneers. To name but a few, we have; Satinwood, Cuban mahogany, ebony, rosewood, walnut, sandalwood, fruitwoods and many more.
  2. Marquetry
    We cut both parquetry and marquetry and even have an operating marquetry cutters donkey, copied from the original in the Victoria and Albert museum.
  3. Inlay
    A separate skill and more time consuming than marquetry, we work in all manner of exotic materials; horn, pewter, bone etc.
  4. Polishing
    Our polishing shop has a cornucopia of pigments, colours, stains and polishes. Although traditional finishes represent the majority of our work, namely French polishing and wax finishes; we do utilize modern lacquers for modern pieces.
  5. Locks and Keys
    We can make replacement keys and on occasion, making small box and clock locks from scratch. Often, antique pieces are locked and minus a key, so this is a most useful service which we can offer.
  6. Chair Frames
    Prior to re-upholstery chair frames mostly require dismantling and broken joints and worm eaten rails fixing. We restore frames valued from 100.00 up to 20,000 and beyond.
  7. Cabinet Restoration
    We undertake all manner of cabinetwork, from large breakfront bookcases to small jewellery boxes, from fine English to Oriental, no object is too unusual or challenging.
  8. Facsimile Pieces
    If you have always wanted a pair to match a piece or would like a piece that is not for sale, we can make it for you.
  9. Contemporary Design
    We can produce one off contemporary objects. We will make a piece tailored to your designs or brief. We make one-offs, not batch runs.
  10. Leathers and Hides
    New leathers hide or skiver to whatever colour you need, with a large choice of tooling. Used for desks, writing slopes, tables and so on.
  11. Gilding
    Includes cleaning, restoring, re-water or oil gilding or minor repairs. Missing details can be carved or cast.

For further details of our specialities please enquire online, phone us on 01844 339900.