Restoration of Objects

The spectrum of objects on which we work is vast. From the replacement of missing inlay of an 18thC walnut pistol grip, to the oak 17thC Sir John Kederminsters library paneling or a fine London 18thC bracket clock case.

We have stocks of many unusual and commercially unavailable materials from which to choose from, leather to buffalo horn or even carved bone. Pictured here are examples of different objects showing a range of materials and techniques.

  1. Ivory Figure - Badly repaired head re-attached and missing pieces made to suit.
  2. Pair of Japanese Bellows - All leather work replaced and restored so they are fully functioning.
  3. 18thC French Gilt Bronze Mounted Green Stained Buffalo Horn Musical Rhino Clock Base - Replaced the stained buffalo horn mounts, cleaned and a new brass end grill made.