Antique Furniture Restoration

Our job as restorers is, in essence, to slow the effects that time and wear have on our client’s beloved antiques. We are not trying to return an object to the way it looked when new, thus removing the patina and character of age.

All our repairs, be they finishing or replacement components, are done in a way that should remain undetected and will not detract from the piece’s charm and value.

Our restorers are cabinet makers who are then trained as restorers. We believe strongly that only with the ability to make something can we contemplate restoring it. Numerous skills, from timber preparation, traditional construction methods, marquetry cutting, veneering and French polishing are all learnt in-house.

These skills, combined with restoration techniques and materials now all too scarce, set us apart from smaller self-taught restorers. Fundamentally, with time and money, there are no limits to what can be restored at Beechfield Restorations.